Customers & Portfolio

87% efficiency (PR) for Chinese government

Puglia | Italy
In its first year of operation The Laterza High Efficiency Solar Power Plant has achieved a performance ratio of over 85%. The project was bought the government and is owned by the Chinese investment fund, CECEP. In their financial model the fund expected a 75% performance ratio. Today, the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) has increase of this project by 30%. The performance was achieved as a result of Premier’s "Topological Yield Optimization" process.

Too complex for tier 1 module manufacturer
Built in 45d

Richmond | California
One of the leading solar modules manufacturers in the world was originally contracted to build this plant. However, they could not figure out how to engineer and build a power plant that is 200 meters away from the ocean, in an area where the soil is like sinking sand, and in the end they sought our expertise. We designed a power plant with 89 dual axis utility scale trackers that direct the arrays towards the sunlight. The trackers are specifically engineer to avoid sinkage in the "bay mud" and is ballasted with a 40,000 pound base. Each tracker holds approximately 900 sqft. of solar modules.

Utility scale - 17,280 CdTe panels (5MW equiv)

Wilton | California
When the main energy supplier of the Sacramento County chose to supply their customers with clean, renewable energy, they chose us to build this massive installation of First Solar CdTe solar modules. There are over 17 thousand panels mounted onto over 60 (5MW equiv) rows of stationary ground mount racking systems. These ground mounts are affixed to pylons driven into the ground, making the utility- grade power plant a "leave-no-trace" concret-less application.

No one could deliver, but we delivered before drop
in the Czech FiT

20MW Brno Airport | Czech Republic
The 20MW Brno Project needed to be built before the drop in the Czech Feed in Tariff. Due to the high demand in Germany and Italy there was a shortage of solar modules and inverters in Europe. Despite all the adverse market conditions our team delivered and the project was completed on time to qualify for the FiT.

Converting a parking lot to a power plant for a major
US utility

Folsom St. San Francisco | California
Another installation for PG&E, this innovative parking structure was expertly engineered as a dual use, moving structure. The engineering and design for this structure had to take into account the vehicles parked beneath it and the function of shading and protecting those while simultaneously moving the array towards the sun to capture the sunlight and increase the total system yield by 22%.

Otis elevators 738kW, Non penetrating solar roof mount

Madrid | Spain
When OTIS Elevators decided to build its new production facility in Madrid, the company decided to offset part of the CO2 produced by the plant with a solar PV system. The system was engineered with a "non-penetrating" rack to support the solar modules. This innovative racking system sits on top of the roof and is held by its own weight. This type of system requires detailed calculations to account for point loads and wind forces at this particular location.

Top sporting goods brand goes solar for their distribution center
2MW Los Angeles | California
Converting unusable space to a power plant.

2010-2011 Transmission Shop II HMMC Nošovice
2010-2011 ALPS Project Trencín TP3 + TP4
2010-2011 KIA MOTORS SLOVAKIA Engine Shop II Project
2011-2010 FOXCONN SLOVAKIA E2 PH2.0 B3 Project
2011-2010 SONY E2 Ph2b-2 Project
2011-2009 Hysco Coil Center
2008-2009 Mitsubishi DM Slovakia - Project Nitra
2008-2009 Hanwha L&C Czech Factory
2008-2008 NCZ Project Brno
2008-2008 Plakor Mošnov
2006-2008 Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech Nošovice

PV Hadovce I 0,97 MW, PV Hadovce II 0,97 MW
2011 PV Jaklovce 1, 2, 3 and PV Pusté Cemerné 1,72 MW
2011 PV Malý Krtíš III 0,99 MW, PV Malý Krtíš IV 0,99 MW
2010 PV Lhotka 1 MWp
2010 PV Verovice 1 MWp
2010 PV Veinten Libcice 993,6 KW
2010 PV Ralsko 76 MWp
2010 PV Hulín 1 MWp, PV Kromeríž 4 + 1 MWp, PV Nasavrky 3 MWp,
2010 PV Goodwill Moutnice 2,16 MWp, PV Domaželice 1 MW
2009-2010 Brno Solar Park 20 MW
2009-2010 Brno Solar Park I 3,4 MW + 4,7 MW
2009-2010 Brno Solar Park III 5,4 MW
2009-2010 PV Ostrava 78,62 KW strechy
2009-2010 PV Napajedla 23,5 KW
2009-2010 PV Jarošov 2,2 MW
2009-2010 PV Kožichovice 185 KW
2009-2009 PV Kájov 650 KW