About Premier Power


Premier Homes was founded in 1986
In 2000 started to install solar PV systems in every third home as a standard feature
In 2001 created the solar division to fulfill the demand for retrofit solar
In 2002 installed the first Solar Integrated tiles working with Astropower (now is GE Energy)
The division grew and spun off in 2003 to become Premier Power
By the end of 2003 ranked #75 among all solar installers in California, based on the rebate data from CEC
In 2004 together with Premier Homes launched the first 100% "Zero Energy" home community
By the end of 2006 we ranked #5 among all solar installers in California, based on CEC rebate data
In 2006 started our operations in Spanish and NY-NJ
In 2008 entered the public market through a reverse merger (PPRW)
More than 100 employees around the world
More than 1000 solar projects built
Capacity of 100 MW/year
Commercial, industrial, utility and government
Expertise in solar plants, roof-top systems, building integrated facades, parking and green houses
Crystalline, Cadmium Telluride , CIGS, amorphous silicon, single and dual axis trackers, CPV, central inverters, micro/module inverters